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These specially formulated resin-bonded diamond discs are designed with a highly flexible cloth backing. This makes them ideal for the sanding and polishing phases of gemstone carving. Our range of resin-bonded discs offers a positive solution to your cutting and polishing needs. We use a high concentration of finely graded diamond powder and cerium polishing compound to provide you with a quality product. These diamond abrasives have a strong, flexible fabric backing that will not crack or lose flexibility after repeated use. Our backings are designed for specific applications and diamond particle sizes. They run on water-cooled machines to achieve faster grinding speeds at significantly lower costs, providing a cleaner and safer work environment.
Sheets can be cut into smaller strips for winding on split mandrels, or small resin-bonded diamond discs can be punched out of these sheets

  • Wet use

  • The high concentration of diamond grains ensures an extremely smooth finish.

  • Aggressive grinding and polishing results

  • No unwanted notches or jagged edges that can lead to nicks or other defects during the polishing process


They have been used for many years by the opal carvers of Lightning Ridge to acheive great results.

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