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Flexible Diamond Sandpaper Sheet

Flexible Diamond Sanding Sheets

We manufactured the Super Flexible Diamond-impregnated Abrasive Polishing Cloths Sheet Paper for polishing all surface contours. Flexible material can be supplied in sheets of various sizes and backings, which can be easily cut with scissors to make customized tooling. 
The electroplated flexible diamond polishing sheet with an adhesive ,velcro backing can be cut to size and required shape to make your own tools,are designed for hand polishing of stone and glass edge. it is sharp and flexible,flexible diamond material which combines the long life and aggressive cutting action of diamond with the flexibility of cloth,Designed to tackle hard-to-grind materials like such as Hard metals, Stone, Glass, Ceramic, Marble, Granite and also Woods such as Ebony and Pink Ivory.

Flexible Diamond Abrasive Sandpaper Shee
Flexible Diamond Sanding Paper
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