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CBN Sandinb Belts

Diamond CBN Sanding Abrasive Grinding Polishing Paper could be well grinding and polishing on metal alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, such high hardness products. Compared with conventional sand belts,the characterics of CBN Sanding Abrasive Grinding Polishing Paper paper are high grinding efficiency,good wear-resistance,low grinding temperature,high quality,high cost-effective,little dust and noise and favorable work environment.

Features of CBN

1, The hardness of CBN is much higher than ordinary abrasives. Especially for processing high hardness, toughness, high temperature, high strength, low thermal conductivity of the material. The metal grinding rate of CBN is 10 times of the diamond.

2, CBN abrasive grinding performance is very excellent, not only capable of grinding materials that is difficult to work, improve production efficiency, but also conducive to strictly control the shape and size of the workpiece precision, and effectively improve the grinding quality, significantly improve the grinding the surface integrity of the tool, thus increasing the fatigue strength of the part, extending the service life and increasing the reliability.

3, CBN abrasive grinding has wear less, long cycle, grinding ratio is relatively high, and has a reasonable economic result.

4, The shape and size change of CBN abrasive is extremely slow when using, which is more suitable for CBN CNC machining high-precision parts.

5, It can maintain a sharp grinding force for long time, so the grinding force is small. It is better for improving accuracy of parts and finish. and also can reduce the power consumption of machine tools.

6, The grinding temperature is low, can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece, to avoid parts of cracks, burns, changes in tissue , improving the processing of surface stress, it is good for the extension of the life of parts.

7, Ordinary abrasive  produce a lot of dust when using, it is harmful to human health. It will cause silicosis if long term use.

8.Grit: 40#-5000#, Length and Width:Customized.

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