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Flexible Diamond Abrasive Tools was developed by our engineers to combine the long life and aggressive cutting of diamonds with Nonmetallic cloth and strength backing materials with strength and flexibility. This makes it easy to polish and polish various hard materials such as natural and synthetic stones, construction, composites, superhard coatings, ceramics, glass, operations, metallographic and other flat grinding, Fabric, hardware and other hardmetals in a economically way , we also have alternatives to electroplated flexible patterns that are particularly effective when used as discs and belts for quick removal applications.Diamond abrasive sanding belts in all specifications and dimensions for special applications like centre less grinding of molybdenum heating elements.Flexible diamond abrasive belts for special applications such as center less grinding molybdenum heating elements.
01)Diamond Handpads and Diamond sheets,General purpose tools that are used on a wide
02)Diamond Strips with or without tails.variety of manual applications
03)Dry grinding and polishing discs for manual angle grinders
04)Diamond belts and diamond spiral bands for rubber drums
05)Diamond belts available in metal and resin bonded types
06)Different types of diamond grinding and polishing discs
07)Diamond belts for grinding and polishing of inner radii
08)Diamond Strips for Superfinishing machines
09)Diamond Belts for stationairy machines
10)Diamond Belts for Hand held machines
11)Diamond Sheets & Handpads

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