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cbn abrasive belts
CBN Diamond Sanding Belts
cbn abrasive belt structure

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is a highly sought-after abrasive grain due to its exceptional hardness and chemical inertness, second only to diamond. Our new CBN abrasives are specially designed to tackle the toughest materials, including hardened steel (>55 HRC), ceramic materials, high-speed steel, nickel-based superalloys, and chilled castings.
One of the key features of our CBN abrasive belts is their flexibility, thanks to the use of patented aramid fibers as a support material. Aramid fibers, also known as Kevlar, are renowned for their high strength, elongation, and vibration-dampening properties. To further enhance the durability and performance of our CBN abrasives, the support material is applied with a formfitting copper layer.
The CBN crystals are then bonded to the abrasive belt using a galvanic process that involves a nickel-based alloy. Depending on the application, the CBN crystals can be arranged in a regular intermittent pattern or with no spacing, covering the entire surface of the belt. This ensures maximum cutting efficiency and a longer service life for the abrasive belt.
Whether you're working with tough materials like hardened steel or looking for a high-performance abrasive solution for your manufacturing process, our CBN abrasives are the perfect choice. With their exceptional hardness, chemical inertness, and flexible design, they offer unparalleled cutting power and durability.


Hardened steels, chrome (layers), carbon metals, grey cast iron

Recommended grinding:

Grinding of surfaces, edges and cylindrical workpieces

Types of workpieces:

Rollers, (paper) cylinders, glass edges, marble and granite slabs, ceramic coated elements

Operation:Robots, automated grinding and grinding by hand.

Grit: customized,Lenght: 8-69000mm,widith:5-400mm

Very long service life Extremely hard materials can be machined High stock removal rate

due to patent-registered manufacturing method

due to selective and first-class grain quality

due to the use of special cloth

due to innovative grain and belt bonding technology

Consistent surface quality Suitable for dry and wet grinding

due to excellent grinding power of the cubic boron nitride

due to the avoidance of thermal damage to the parent material by cool grinding 

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