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Flexible Diamond Abrasive Tools was developed by our engineers to combine the long life and aggressive cutting of diamonds with Nonmetallic cloth and strength backing materials with strength and flexibility. This makes it easy to polish and polish various hard materials such as natural and synthetic stones, construction, composites, superhard coatings, ceramics, glass, operations, metallographic and other flat grinding, Fabric, hardware and other hardmetals in a economically way , we also have alternatives to electroplated flexible patterns that are particularly effective when used as discs and belts for quick removal applications.Diamond abrasive sanding belts in all specifications and dimensions for special applications like centre less grinding of molybdenum heating elements.Flexible diamond abrasive belts for special applications such as center less grinding molybdenum heating elements.Our flexible diamond abrasives have been developed by our engineers to combine the long life and aggressive cutting action of diamonds with a cloth backing material which has strength and flexibility. This enables diamond tools of various shapes to quickly and economically grind and polish a wide range of hard material such as natural and synthetic stones, glass, ceramics, composites and hard metals. They are great for grinding, shaping, or smoothing out edges on tough or brittle surfaces. we have a variety of flexible diamond products available including; diamond hand pads, flexible diamond Sanding belts, flexible diamond sanding discs,diamond sanding block ,diamond sander paper ,diamond sanding sheets ,Diamond Plated Sanding Belt,Resin Bonded Diamond Belts and Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad. Due to their flexibility, diamond hand pads are great for smoothing out smaller areas and hard to reach areas.

Diamond sanding abrasive belt is divided into metal nickel plating electroplated bond and resin bond, a resin bond also consists of flexible and hard type.
There are many grinding advantages such as sharpness, durable, flexible, dry or wet grinding for diamond sanding abrasive belt with various patterns. Please choose different design patterns according to needs.
Backing Base
The main characteristics of the backing are thickness, softness, temperature resistance, and easy quickly removal. Select the backing base according to the material which will be ground.

large circle dot:used for applications where loading is a problem.grades 250um and 300um only.
medium circle dot: 17 pellets/inch for aggressive cutting action,improved coolant flow and increased swarf removal
small circle dot: 25 pellets/inch for the finishes.provides fastest stock removal on very hard materials such as thermal spray coating and ceramics


Strong interlocking arrow pattern, specifically developed for heavy stock removal and finishing. Ideal for grinding on the slack of the belts and for grinding surface with sharp edges. This pattern – with lines in all directions, has always contact with the work piece ensuring a high level of comfort grinding due to no soldiering. The structure of the pattern ensures good heat dissipation.

Metal Bond - Connected arrows - Closed pattern - Medium-fine grits - Mainly used for discs. Telum T2: Metal Bond - More open pattern – not connected arrows - Giving higher Flexibility and stock removal - For high performance belt grinding, glass arrissing.

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