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What is the difference between diamond sanding belt and CBN Sanding belt?

Updated: Apr 6

What is the difference between diamond sand belt and CBN sand belt?

Diamond sanding belt is a super hard material coated abrasive tool with artificial diamond as abrasive material and a new manufacturing process. It has the dual advantages of softness of traditional coated abrasive tools and high hardness of diamond. Compared with the traditional abrasive sand belt, the biggest characteristics of Diamond sanding belt is high grinding efficiency, good durability, good finish, high cost performance, and has the environmental advantages of less dust and noise in the process of use.

CBN Abrasive Sanding Belt
CBN Abrasive Sanding Belt

The CBN belt is CBN abrasive, using a new manufacturing process research and development of super hard material coated abrasive products, CBN sand belt and ordinary abrasive sand belt is different in that it has the characteristics of ordinary abrasive coated abrasive soft, and make full use of the high hardness of CBN. Compared with ordinary coated abrasive tools,

not only has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, high durability, low grinding temperature, good surface quality and high cost performance, but also has the advantages of less dust, less noise and good working environment in the process of use.

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