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Durable Quick Release Flexible Diamond Disc for Industrial Use (Orange): Our orange quick release flexible diamond discs are built to withstand rigorous industrial applications. With their robust construction and high-quality diamond abrasives, these discs provide exceptional durability and performance. Suitable for wet grinding and polishing of various materials, they offer reliability and efficiency for demanding tasks.

Quick release discs for grinding natural and synthetic stones, glass, ceramics and hard metals. These quick released (Velcro) flexible diamond Disc are for hand and fixed machine polishing. They should be used wet. All other Backings and fixings available including M14, snail lock, self adhesive, plastazote and magnetic. Quick release diamond flexible material for wet grinding and polishing glass, ceramics, hard metals, natural stone including granite, marble and sandstone, and synthetic stone such as engineered stone. These diamond Discs are colour coded in green, black, red, yellow, white, blue and orange for easy grade identification.

Roloc Flexible Diamond Disc

Roloc Flexiblediamond abrasive Sanding Disc provide a burr-free surface suitable for painting or coating. These Discs can be used for removal of light rust, oxides and coatings.Heavy duty discs for weld removal, grinding and blending large and small areas of metal surfaces. Available in regular and quick release forms.For hard to grind material, stone, glass, ceramic, metal, carbide, composites. Metal plated bond securely anchors micron graded diamonds to Backing. For flat, edge, contour grinding and polishing. Heavy duty, water resistant, polyester Backing


Roloc Flexible Diamond Discs are innovative and versatile abrasive tools designed for a range of grinding, shaping, and polishing applications across different materials. Their Roloc quick-change attachment system makes them convenient and secure for use with compatible holders and tools. These discs excel in various industries and applications.


  1. diamond abrasive Coating: Roloc Flexible Diamond Discs are coated with high-quality diamond abrasive particles, renowned for their exceptional hardness and durability. Diamond ensures efficient and precise material removal.

  2. Roloc Quick-Change Attachment: These Discs feature a Roloc quick-change attachment mechanism that allows for swift and secure connection to compatible holders and tools. This system reduces setup time and ensures a stable grip during operation.

  3. Flexible Backing: The flexible Backing of these Discs enables them to conform to the contours of the workpiece, ensuring even and consistent grinding or polishing.

  4. Wet and Dry Use: They are suitable for both wet and dry grinding and polishing applications, providing versatility in different working conditions.

  5. Various Grit Sizes: Roloc Flexible Diamond Discs are available in various grit sizes, offering users the flexibility to select the appropriate Disc for their specific material removal or finishing needs.

  6. Compatibility: These Discs are compatible with specific holders and tools equipped with the Roloc quick-change system, ensuring seamless integration with dedicated equipment.

Technical data 

Grain type:


Backing material: 

special cloth 


251 µm (60–80) , 126 µm (120), 91 µm (180), 64 µm (240–320), 46 µm (400)  , 30µm(600) , 20µm(800) ,  15µm(1200) , 12µm(1800)



Fabricated width: 

320 mm

Recommended applications Material:

Non-metallic materials, e.g. tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, glass, ceramic, plastic fibre glass, GRP, natural stone, Kevlar fibre etc.


rolls (paper industry, foil and wire manufacturing), tubes coated with hard material, extruder screws, glass edges, turbine blades, blades and knives grinding, ceramic and ceramic coated parts, GRP rotor blades, PUR lacquer coatings, components of high-pressure controls, marble and granite plates


automatic grinding, robotic grinding, backstand grinding, grinding by hand

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