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Diamond Emery Cloth

The Sueding Industry's Secret Weapon:

Elevate your sueding process with our cutting-edge Emery Paper. Its unique combination of durability, efficiency, and performance makes it the preferred choice for industry professionals.Diamond Emery Paper is a highly efficient and durable abrasive material that is designed to resist heat and prevent stretching during use. With precise diamond pellet placement and concentration, this single-layer strip is capable of delivering optimal swarf removal and cool performance for any vertical, horizontal, or drum sueding industry machine. The unique diamond pellet placement also helps to reduce downtime and increase throughput, while producing a perfect finish and eliminating fiber strain from build-up.

In fact, studies have shown that using Diamond Emery Paper can reduce downtime by up to 25% and increase tool life, resulting in more predictable performance and production. The seamless diamond abrasive strips and Diamond Paper for Fabric sueding Machine(LAFER / CARU / UNITECH) are specifically designed to eliminate breakage at the seam, allowing for continuous textile sueding production without interruption for strip replacement.

Furthermore, our diamond sueding abrasive can be fitted to a wide range of machinery types, including Broma, Caru, Comet Unitec, Curtin-Hebert, Danti Paolo, Haining, HAS Lafer-Turk, Lafer, Lamperti, Lisa, Mario Crosta, MCS, Memnum, Sanwa, Sperotto, Sucker Muller, and Xetma. This versatility ensures that our customers can enjoy the benefits of Diamond Emery Paper across a range of applications and industries.

In summary, Diamond Emery Paper is a highly effective and versatile abrasive material that can help to improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of sueding operations. With precise diamond pellet placement and concentration, seamless strips, and compatibility with a wide range of machinery types, it is the ideal choice for any sueding industry professional looking to enhance their performance and results.

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Length: This should be replaced with the desired length of the product you want to order.

Width: This should be replaced with the desired width of the product you want to order.Grit: This should be replaced with the specific grit level or abrasive coarseness you require for the product.


  • Grit: Available in various grit levels, including 220, 400, 600. The choice of grit depends on the level of abrasiveness required for your specific application.

  • Size (Diameter): The cloth come in various sizes to accommodate different tools and applications, with diameters including 3 "x 264" 600Grit;1900mm x 230mm;1900x1600/52mm;125000x100mm;   6600x75mm;  7800x75mm ; 6000x75mm ; 9600x150mm;  11300x150mm ; 6200x75mm ;  5500x75mm 


  • Stone and Tile Work: Ideal for shaping and polishing granite, marble, natural stone, and engineered stone.

  • Glass Processing: Suitable for grinding and smoothing glass surfaces.

  • Metalworking: Can be used on hard metals, carbide, steel, chrome cobalt, and exotic alloys.

  • Woodworking: Effective for shaping and finishing wood.

  • Composite Materials: Useful for working with composite materials.

  • Plastic and Gypsum: Can be used on plastic and gypsum materials.

  • Surface Finishing: Suitable for painted or plated surfaces, enamels, and ceramics.


  1. Two-Ply Polyester Backing: The two-ply polyester backing provides durability and flexibility, making these bands suitable for contours and hard-to-reach areas.

  2. Diamond-Filled Nickel Plated Dots: The evenly coated diamond-filled nickel plated dots ensure consistent abrasive performance, allowing for effective grinding and polishing.

  3. Wet or Dry Use: Flexible diamond bands can be used both wet and dry, providing flexibility in different working conditions.

  4. Wide Material Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of hard materials, including granite, marble, natural stone, engineered stone, glass, ceramics, hard metals, and more.

  5. Multi-Purpose: Flexible diamond bands can be used for grinding, sanding, and smoothing various materials, including glass, stone, wood, carbide, steel, bone, composites, exotic alloys, chrome cobalt, plastic, gypsum, painted or plated surfaces, enamels, ceramics, and hard metals.

  6. Color-Coded for Grade Identification: Color-coding makes it easy to identify different grit levels quickly, which is useful for selecting the right abrasive for the task at hand.

  7. Manufactured to Fit Expanding Rubber Mandrels: Designed to fit expanding rubber mandrels, ensuring a secure and stable attachment to your tools.

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Frequenstly Answer Qeustion

Q: What are Seamless Diamond Strips for Textile Sueding, and what makes them unique?

Diamond excels in "hardness" and "heat diffusibility" as a cutting tool material. CBN, with hardness akin to that of diamond diamond is mainly used for cutting ferrous metal thanks to its lower reactivity than diamond with ferrous metal. Both materials can be polished to form "sharp cutting edge."

Q: What advantages do these Superabrasive Sueding Strips offer?

These superabrasive strips feature a single-layer Kevlar construction, which resists heat and prevents stretching. Precise diamond pellet placement ensures optimal swarf removal and cooling performance.

Q: Can these strips be used with different textile sueding machines?

Yes, these strips can be fitted to various sueding machines, including vertical, horizontal, and drum machines, providing versatility and compatibility.

Q: How can these strips reduce downtime and increase throughput?

Seamless diamond strips can reduce downtime by up to 25%, leading to a significant increase in production throughput. Their durability and wear resistance play a crucial role in achieving this improvement.

Q: Do these strips contribute to longer tool life?

Yes, these strips can extend the tool life of sueding equipment, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Q: What kind of finish do Seamless diamond Emery Strips produce, and do they eliminate fiber strain?

These strips produce a perfect finish and effectively eliminate fiber strain during the sueding process, ensuring high-quality results.

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