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Flexible Diamond Sanding Disc

Flexible Diamond Disc

Flexible diamond pads are an essential tool for grinding and polishing a wide range of hard materials, including stone, glass, ceramics, metal, carbide, and composites. Made with metal plated bond, these pads securely anchor micron graded diamonds to the backing, ensuring a smooth and efficient grinding experience.
When it comes to hard to grind materials, such as stone, glass, and ceramic, Hans flexible diamond sanding pads are the perfect choice. These pads are designed for flat, edge, contour grinding and polishing, and are heavy duty, water resistant, and feature a durable polyester backing.
The open dot pattern of these pads provides durability and long life, while allowing for performance to contours. They offer aggressive cutting with reduced loading, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications.
Quick Change Roloc Discs make grade changes easy, and all flexible diamond discs come with various fittings for hand and stationary machines, making them suitable for wet or dry grinding and polishing a large variety of hard materials.
Whether you're working with granite, marble, terrazzo, natural stone, engineered stone, glass, ceramics, lapidary, or hard metals, Hans flexible diamond sanding pads are the perfect tool for the job. They are color coded for easy grade identification, and the most popular sizes and types are available from stock.
In addition to flexible diamond pads, Hans also offers a range of other diamond sanding pads for pottery, glass, and other applications. Diamond sanding discs are also available, ensuring that you have the right tool for every job.

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