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CBN Grinding Wheel

High-Temperature Resistance: CBN Sandpaper Sheets are renowned for their high-temperature resistance, making them ideal for grinding applications where heat buildup is a concern. The CBN abrasive material maintains its integrity even at elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and durability under demanding conditions.

Ality surface finish and long service life. This makes it an ideal choice for woodturners,metalworkers, and other professionals who require high-quality abrasive paper for their work.CBN coating sandpaper is a type of abrasive paper that is coated with cubic boron nitride (CBN) particles. This coating makes the sandpaper highly durable and efficient in grinding and polishing hard materials such as metal alloys, titanium alloys, stainless steel, and high-temperature alloys. CBN abrasive paper is also known for its ability to maintain a low grinding temperature, which prevents overheating and damage to the workpiece.Woodturners sandpaper is a specific type of CBN abrasive paper that is designed for use in woodturning applications. Woodturners require abrasive paper that is gentle on wood but still effective in removing imperfections and creating a smooth surface . CBN abrasive paper is an excellent choice for woodturners because it is gentle on wood and produces a high-quality surface finish.CBN abrasive sheets are available in a range of grit sizes, from coarse to fine. This allows professionals to choose the appropriate grit size for their specific application. The high grinding efficiency of CBN abrasive paper means that less pressure is required to achieve the desired result, which reduces the risk of damage to the workpiece.In conclusion, Diamond CBN Sanding Abrasive Grinding Polishing Paper is a highly effective and durable abrasive paper that is suitable for use on a variety of hard materials. Its high grinding efficiency, good wear-resistance, low grinding temperature, high-quality surface finish, and long service life make it an ideal choice for professionals in the woodworking and metalworking industries. Whether you are a woodturner or a metalworker, CBN abrasive paper is an excellent choice for your abrasive paper needs.

Features of CBN

1, The hardness of CBN is much higher than ordinary abrasives. Especially for processing high hardness, toughness, high temperature, high strength, low thermal conductivity of the material. The metal grinding rate of CBN is 10 times of the diamond.

2, CBN abrasive grinding performance is very excellent, not only capable of grinding materials that is difficult to work, improve production efficiency, but also conducive to strictly control the shape and size of the workpiece precision, and effectively improve the grinding quality, significantly improve the grinding the surface integrity of the tool, thus increasing the fatigue strength of the part, extending the service life and increasing the reliability.

3, CBN abrasive grinding has wear less, long cycle, grinding ratio is relatively high, and has a reasonable economic result.

4, The shape and size change of CBN abrasive is extremely slow when using, which is more suitable for CBN CNC machining high-precision parts.

5, It can maintain a sharp grinding force for long time, so the grinding force is small. It is better for improving accuracy of parts and finish. and also can reduce the power consumption of machine tools.

6, The grinding temperature is low, can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece, to avoid parts of cracks, burns, changes in tissue , improving the processing of surface stress, it is good for the extension of the life of parts.

7, Ordinary abrasive  produce a lot of dust when using, it is harmful to human health. It will cause silicosis if long term use.

8.Grit: 40#-5000#, Length and Width:Customized.

Order Code Format

which includes the following components:

CBNSP: This is likely an abbreviation or code representing our product.

Length: This should be replaced with the desired length of the product you want to order.

Width: This should be replaced with the desired width of the product you want to order.

Grit: This should be replaced with the specific grit level or abrasive coarseness you require for the product.


  • Grit: Available in various grit levels, including 60 120 240 400 600 800 and 1200Grit. The choice of grit depends on the level of abrasiveness required for your specific application.

  • Size (Length): The cloth come in various sizes to accommodate different tools and applications, with diameters including

  • Lengthx Width:

  • 100x55mm,100x100mm,130x55mm,200x100mm,280x230mm,300x290mm,650x290mm,850x290mm

  • Customized:customized to meet specific size requirements based on your particular needs and applications. Customized sizes offer the flexibility to adapt to various projects and surfaces. Whether you require smaller sheets for precision work or larger sheets for more extensive tasks, Our factory can often accommodate your requests for diamond sandpaper sheets in the size that best suits your requirements. When ordering customized sizes, be sure to provide the dimensions and quantity needed to ensure you receive the tailored product you require.


  • Metalworking: CBN Sandpaper Sheets are commonly used in metalworking applications for tasks like sharpening cutting tools, grinding hardened steel, and achieving precise dimensions on metal workpieces.

  • Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace sector, these sheets are employed for grinding and finishing critical components such as turbine blades, aircraft engine parts, and aerospace alloys.

  • Automotive Industry: They find applications in the automotive industry for tasks like grinding engine parts, crankshafts, camshafts, and other components that require high precision and surface quality.

  • Tool and Die Manufacturing: CBN Sandpaper Sheets are essential in tool and die manufacturing for sharpening and maintaining the cutting edges of tools, including drills, end mills, and inserts.


  • CBN Abrasive: The standout feature of CBN Sandpaper Sheets is the use of CBN as the abrasive material. CBN is second only to diamond in hardness and is highly effective for grinding hard materials like steel and alloys.

  • Exceptional Hardness and Heat Resistance: CBN is extremely hard and heat-resistant, allowing it to maintain its cutting ability even at elevated temperatures. This property is vital for high-speed and high-temperature grinding applications.

  • Longevity: CBN Sandpaper Sheets have a longer lifespan compared to traditional sandpaper sheets, reducing the frequency of sheet changes and increasing productivity.

  • Precise Material Removal: They provide precise material removal, ensuring workpieces maintain their intended dimensions and tolerances during the grinding process.

  • Consistent Surface Finish: CBN Sandpaper Sheets deliver a consistent and high-quality surface finish, making them ideal for applications where surface aesthetics and quality are crucial.

  • Versatility: While primarily used on hardened materials, CBN Sandpaper Sheets can also be effective on softer materials, offering versatility in various applications.

  • Safety Considerations: Proper safety precautions should be followed when using CBN Sandpaper Sheets, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring safe machine operation, and managing dust and debris safely.

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Frequenstly Answer Qeustion

Q: Are CBN wheels worth it?

They have several benefits --- no need to constantly dress them to keep them true and remove the hollow that develops from the gouges, retain consistent diameter as a result on not dressing, and sharpen 10v and 11a steels better, because these new steels have carbide granules embedded in them, and CBN can sharpen

Q: Can CBN wheels be used on a high speed grinder?

CBN does not break down while sharpening steel, and is a superior material for high speed grinding of woodworking tools. CBN wheels have been used in industrial grinding applications for many years.

Q: What are the different types of CBN grinding wheels?

EAGLE'S CBN BOND SELECTION -Resin. CBN Wheels. -Vitrified. CBN Wheels. -Hybrid. CBN Wheels. -Polyimide. CBN Wheels. -Vacuum-brazed. CBN Wheels. -Electroplated. CBN Wheels. -Metal. CBN Wheels.

Q: What is the difference between diamond and CBN grinding wheel?

Diamonds are better for grinding more delicate items like glass, quartz, and ceramics. CBN doesn't chemically react with iron. This lack of reaction allows CBN to remove more material and last longer than diamonds when grinding most hard metals.

Q: What are the advantages of CBN grinding wheels?

Aside from producing better-quality cutting edges, the use of CBN grinding wheels for a variety of hardened cutting tools can reduce your overall cost of grinding by 20-50%, depending on its applications. Since there is little conditioning involved, these machines require even less downtime for any wheel maintenance.

Q: What is CBN abrasive used for?

CBN is the abrasive of choice for precision operations like CNC machining, high speed industrial grinding, and operations involving high heat capacity. This material accurately cuts cast iron and hardened tool steels like M2 and D2 with ease.

Q: What is the difference between SDC and CBN grinding wheels?

Different heat resistance: The heat resistance of diamond SDC grinding wheels is even higher than 800 degrees Celsius. CBN cubic boron nitride can withstand high temperatures of 1250-1350 degrees Celsius.

Q: What is the difference between CBN and diamond wheel?

CBN stands for cubic boron nitride, a superabrasive that offers almost the hardness of diamond, cool cutting and the ability to work with ferrous materials, unlike diamond. Diamond is composed of pure carbon and is produced under high heat and pressure.

Q: What is CBN for sharpening?

CBN stands for Cubic Boron Nitride. It is a man-made material that rivals the hardness of the diamond. CBN Grinding Wheels are used for sharpening and grinding of difficult to grind materials (DTG). They are built and designed for wet or dry precision grinding applications on the hardest materials.

Q: What is the cutting speed for a CBN grinding wheel?

Recommended wheel speeds for vitrified CBN applications is 60-120 mts/sec. However machines with wheel speed as low as 37mts/sec have shown good G-ratios and cycle times when tooled up with vitrified CBN wheels.

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